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Welcome to the heart of community and collaboration at Foggy Bottom Cabins. We're committed to not just offering a memorable stay, but also making a positive impact. That's why we're excited to share that 5% of our proceeds support our amazing non-profit community partners. Each of these organizations plays a vital role in enriching our local community, championing causes from education to environmental preservation.

Discover the inspiring missions of our partners below. Your stay with us isn’t just about experiencing the serenity of nature—it’s also a step towards supporting these incredible causes. Explore, engage, and help us strengthen the bonds of our community.


Nestled in the heart of Brevard, MSCS is a beacon of holistic education for children from three years to middle school. This unique, parent-driven independent school is dedicated to using Montessori principles and complementary educational practices. At MSCS, the focus is on nurturing each child's natural curiosity and love of learning, while instilling a deep respect for the community and the natural world. Through a blend of outdoor experiences, multi-age classrooms, and exceptional educators, MSCS prepares children to be engaged learners and compassionate global citizens, fostering their academic, social, emotional, and physical development


Strengthening family bonds in Brevard, The Family Place embodies resilience and growth with its motto "Learn. Play. Grow." This nurturing organization offers diverse programs like interactive Playgroups, Parent Chat for community building among parents, and Open Play hours for family fun. They also provide educational Play and Learn Kits, parenting classes through The Incredible Years, and specialized Circles of Parents groups for various family needs. Each initiative at The Family Place is dedicated to fostering family resilience, community support, and holistic development.


A movement of empowerment and diversity, Ch8sing Waterfalls brings together Black women to explore and connect with nature. Founded by Deborah McGlawn, this 501(c)(3) nonprofit champions the healing power of nature through waterfall hikes and community-building activities. Celebrating inclusivity and the joy of the outdoors, Ch8sing Waterfalls creates a narrative of adventure and self-discovery, inspiring women to find strength and serenity in the natural world.

Brvd College alumni.webp

This vibrant community keeps Brevard College's alumni connected to their alma mater and supports their journey beyond graduation. The Alumni Association fosters a strong sense of community, offering various events, including alumni meetups and homecomings, to keep the BC family united. Driven by the motto "Learn in order to serve," the Alumni Advisory Board plays a key role in advancing the college's mission, recognizing distinguished alumni and faculty who embody this spirit. The association celebrates its alumni as world travelers, entrepreneurs, and adventurers, showcasing the far-reaching impact and value of a Brevard College education

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